Risk Management for Architects & Engineers


Modern Solutions

Architects & Engineers have special needs when it comes to risk managment. We provide an unconventional, modern approach to help you learn to reduce risk.


Dedicated Team

Work alongside our team as we build you a simpliefid risk solution, crafted to protect you and your future against the unexpected.


Quality Support

Our strategic consulting program helps Design Firms understand where they’re most exposed and what strategies they need to fix it.

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Take steps towards lowering your risk. Here's how...

In-House Education

Get your entire firm on the same page when it comes to risk strategy and protocol. Customize your training to include such topics as Contract Review & Negotiation, Project Selection, Site Visits, or Communication.

Contract Review Workshop

Learn review and negotiation strategies from Attorney for ENR Top 100 Design Firms. All our workshops are AIA certified and include real world examples, companion workbooks, and interactive exercises.

Consulting Services

We offer consulting services to Design Professionals of all firm sizes and experience levels. Contact us to for a free initial consult with our CEO Zach Waters to see how we can help lower your risk.

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