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Get inspired to create a risk culture at your Design Firm!
  • 2 hours of custom training for entire firm
  • Guidelines and checklists to build your own risk strategy
  • Continuing education credit for all employees who attend
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Why Purchase our Education Package?

This in-house education package has incredible value! It allows us to solve a majority of your risk managment training needs in just 2 hours.

Here's what's included in your package:

  • Two 1-hour training sessions of your choosing from our Risk Education Catalog
  • Custom handouts and checklists to reinforce the course material
  • Continuing education units for all who attend
  • Get everyone at the firm on the same page regarding policies and protocols
  • Overall growth of your firm's risk culture at every seniority level

About Zach

Zach Waters is the CEO of Black Swan Risk Management, Treasurer of the Architectural Foundation of San Francisco, and top Risk Specialist for Architects and Engineers.  He has helped hundreds of Design Firm Owners across the country build custom Risk Management systems that really work.

Working in the insurance industry for more than a decade, he has witnessed the cataustrophic consequences that can happen when businesses do not have proper risk management training. He enjoyed supporting his clients with quality insurance, but realized it would be more fulfilling to protect his clients from getting sued and needing insurance in the first place.

To solve this problem at scale and help more Design Firms become aware to their risks, he founded Black Swan Risk Management. Their aim is to instill a risk culture in the Design Community by creating entertaining and practical risk managment education programs.

What are clients are saying...

This helped me answer a lot of questions and concerns as a startup small business firm. Zach helped me understand the key requirements and pitfalls to be aware of while drafting a contract along with the pros and cons of certain language or words used in contracts and how these can benefit or harm an architect. I enjoyed Zach's awesomeness! This is very informative especially for those who are new to the business of architecture. Thank you for all you do!


Binita Vora
Founder at Parshva Associates

Zach is personable, clear and very helpful (with a dash of humor) in the daunting challenge of explaining risk as it applies to the architectural profession. He gives concrete and useful methodologies and tactics to mitigate and protect our practices from the ever increasing complexities of the legal world in which we live. I will continue refining our contract, evolving our language and communication, while paying closer attention to important topics like Standard of Care.


Jefferson Schierbeek
Partner at Addison Schierbeek architects

This is a perfect fit for you if:

  • You value education and culture at your business
  • You want to instill a risk culture at your firm
  • You want to grow your business and run more efficiently

If this sounds like you and your firm, then schedule a free 20-minute consult with Zach to figure out which education programs would best benefit your firm.

We have a limited number of slots available, so don't wait!

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