Contract Review Guide for Architects & Engineers

Save hours of time

Protect your firm from being sued

Run a more profitable Design Firm

Download our FREE and easy-to-read guide to focus in on what matters most to your firm's contract review.


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Start Signing Better Contracts

Did you know signing better contracts is one of the easiest ways to reduce risk and save money at your firm? It’s true. And while most Design Firms are so bogged down with paperwork and meeting deadlines, reviewing contracts just seems like another all too overwhelming task.

But it doesn’t have to be that way...

Use this guide, and take control of your most powerful management practice to reduce risk and save money!

What's included?

Contract Red Flags

Learn about common mistakes Design Professionals make that increase their risk of being sued and delaying projects. 

Key Definitions

We define complex terms and phrases of your contract with simple, straightforward language.

Sample Language

Examples of specific wording you can use in your own contract templates to better protect your designs.

Who wrote it?


Zach Waters

Zach is the CEO at Black Swan Risk Management. He has experience as a Risk Specialist and Insurance Broker for A/E firms across the country. His goal is to simplify the complexities of professional liability insurance and empower his clients to be proactive about dealing with unpredictable, potentially severe events in their business. He is also the Treasurer at The Architectural Foundation of San Francisco. Learn more!


Steve Litchfield

Steve is the Founder of Litchfield Law in Southern California. As an Attorney, he specializes in Contract and Construction law. He has represented a diverse group of clients, ranging from individuals starting their first business to multi-national corporations. He regularly gives presentations to Design Firms on comprehensive risk management and legislative framework developments. Learn more!

There’s a better way to review your A/E contracts.

Avoid the headache of contract reviews and download our free reference guide. We break down key strategies to keep your firm and projects safe.


What our clients say...

We were originally with a larger brokerage for our insurance coverage and became frustrated with mounting unreturned voicemails and emails to them, so we looked elsewhere. Zach and his team are exactly what we wanted - kind, helpful and offering truly personalized attention based on our company's specific needs and industry. 

Serena S.
Client Relations at JCSE

Zach asked if we were interested in reviewing our other Insurance Policies that we now carry. To be honest, we hadn’t considered it, since we had a long standing relationship with our current agent and carrier. In the end, Zach brought us quotes from Multiple Insurance Companies and put a package together that ultimately saved us $9,000 in annual insurance costs for our Professional Liability, General Liability, Auto, and Workers Compensation Policies... Zach is easy to talk to; he takes the time to listen; and he isn’t about the “Hard Sell” that I’ve gotten from other agents. 

Tim Dearborn

Zach and his team were able to save us over $10,000. I was skeptical at first, thinking something was going to have to give.  However, Zach and his team are always available to help with any questions we have and they add a personal touch to the business of insurance, which can at times feel very impersonal.  I am so glad we switched over.  Not only are we saving money, but we feel we are in trusted hands and are working with a team that knows us and cares about our needs.

Mira Shah
CFO at NS Structural 

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