About Black Swan

Risk Management done differently At Black Swan, we are passionate about minimizing the risk and uncertainty involved with running a design firm and are committed to providing innovative and clear solutions for our clients.

At Black Swan we provide an unconventional, modern approach to Risk Management education.

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Seeking to empower our clients to be proactive when dealing with unpredictable and severe events in their business through simplifying the complexities of professional liability insurance.

We help our clients pay lower premiums by educating and providing them with strategic insights that allow them to decrease their levels of risk from start to finish of the design process.

Who we are, what we offer

Black Swan Risk Management is a strategic consulting and risk management firm that offers professional liability insurance.

We work with our partner firms to identify and determine specific exposures that may be damaging to our clients. We seek to empower our clients with the knowledge to minimize the risk of liabilities before a project begins, through fabricating cost-effective insurance solutions. The goal of our solutions is to provide our clients with the confidence that their financial future is protected in the instance that an unexpected event occurs.

We are an insurance brokerage and risk management agency that partners with Architects and Engineers to solve risks, challenges and problems.

At Black Swan, we value long-lasting relationships and a combine positive outlook with a fresh approach when determining the threat of risks for our clients. We aim to skip “discovery calls” and “strategy meetings” and prefer to entertain bilateral conversation to solve problems promptly and efficiently.

  • Risk Management
  • Solutions to Challenges
  • Problem Avoidance

Meet Zach Waters - CEO

As the founder and CEO of Black Swan, he always wants to ensure our clients are looked after and takes the time to listen and make sure our clients feel safe and secure with their insurance.

Zach has a deep understanding of how to get the best deal on the type of insurance that our clients need.

He is an active Board Member of The Architectural Foundation of San Francisco, a non-profit with a mission to educate and empower young folks interested in a career as a Design Professional.

He also hosts The Leadership Blueprint Podcast that features top Architects & Engineers all over the country and shares the secrets to running a great design firm.

Zach lives with his wife and daughter in Northern California. He enjoys cycling and Crossfit and is a die-hard Cal Football fan.

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